black moth super rainbowLast summer when BMSR's label Graveface Records was by hit by flood waters, all of the available Dandelion Gum stock was damaged, making the album out of print. On June 7th, 2011, the album will receive a deluxe reissue on picture disc, cassette and compact disc. The original album will be expanded by 14 songs that were recorded during the same time period as Dandelion Gum, 5 of which have never been heard before. Other tracks included come from the out of print Drippers EP and from the 2006 split with The Octopus Project The House Of Apples and Eyeballs.
Black Moth has been on the back burner for the past few years so its members could focus on other projects: Tobacco with Maniac Meat, Seven Fields of Aphelion with Periphery and Ryan Graveface with his band DREAMEND. Currently the band is rehearsing for the Camp Bisco Fest, booking a headlining east coast tour for the fall and putting together the first vinyl releases of albums Start a People and Falling Through a Field.


GRAVE030D : Dandelion Gum Deluxe Reissue CD / Cassette / Picture Disc

GRAVE045 : Eating Us CD / 2XLP / LP

GRAVE043 : Born On A Day the Sun Didn't Rise 7" (OUT OF PRINT)

GRAVE040 : Drippers CD / 10" LP (OUT OF PRINT)

GRAVE037 : Start A People reissue CD

GRAVE036 : Falling Through A Field reissue CD

GRAVE030 : Dandelion Gum  CD / 2xLP (OUT OF PRINT)

GRAVE026 : The House Of Apples And Eyeballs CD / LP

GRAVE018 : Lost, Picking Flowers In The Woods CD / LP (OUT OF PRINT)

GRAVE009 : Start A People CD (OUT OF PRINT)
GRAVE008 : Falling Through A Field CD (OUT OF PRINT)



Boatfriend (from Falling Through A Field)
Trees and Colors and Wizards (from Start A People)
Lost, Picking Flowers in the Woods (from Lost, Picking Flowers In The Woods)
Happy Melted City (from Drippers)
Medley (from Eating Us)



Live Videos

Born on a Day the Sun Didn't Rise Official Music Video