experimental  aircraftExperimental Aircraft could be 2008’s version of The Pixies if they were slowed down to a crawling halt and layered in atmospheric dust. Or, at times, they sound like a more pummeling version of The Cure (how can this be?). If the band’s upcoming album “Third Transmission” were released in 1991, there is no question it would be among the most popular releases of its time. A forward thinking album for shoegaze fans everywhere, “Third Transmission” brings us back to some of the greatest bands making music in the nineties ie The Jesus and Mary Chain, All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors, Antarctica, or Stereolab (which is to say, “Third Transmission” could have legendary status). Although their sound reminds us of an era since gone by, there is no question that their music is still more than relevant today (what’s that? My Bloody Valentine has reunited? Yes!).

Hailing from Austin, TX, Experimental Aircraft are among the latest signings to the Graveface Records imprint, that fine Chicago-based label who recently brought you new hits from Black Moth Super Rainbow, Appleseed Cast, The Octopus Project, and more, so you know this is legit, and if you really know this label, odds are you know it’s probably going to blow your mind. Already being heralded by URB’s Next 100, Experimental Aircraft can be described with words such as “lush,” “ethereal,” “soothing” and “beautiful,” thanks to front-woman / guitarist Rachel Staggs’ gorgeous, breathy-yet-apocalyptic vocals and heavily distorted instrument. When TJ O’Leary takes over front-man duties, his sound is desperate and tortured, recalling Robert Smith’s shout-cry that made his band so timeless and important. O’Leary’s duties also lie in distorted guitar which adds to the heavily layered sound currently blowing out your speakers. Innovative and impressive, Experimental Aircraft prove they can stand the test of time and reign supreme in a genre that desperately needed a new face to the name.


GRAVE023 : Third Transmission CD


Upper East Side