Interested in being a part of our street team? I've been working on this forever now & it'll finally go live with the Casket Girls release. If so, go here and fill this puppy out.


Want to be a part of a bizarre upcoming release? Then call this number (951.262.3506) and leave us a fucked up message. Be it a scary story, a deep dark secret or something you're just making up. I encourage all of it. I need about 45 minutes worth of voicemails to create the album I have in my head using said voicemails.


For those interested in sharing their music: Graveface is an extremely small recording label. We are constantly searching for brilliant music to release to the world. If you are a fan of the music we already release, feel free to send us samples of your brilliance. We might reply back to you and we might not. We are happy with our little roster but if you really impress us, you will certainly be getting an email.


Licensing, booking, distribution requests? Email us

Graveface Records

5 West 40th St

Savannah, GA 31401