Hello! This is a now defunct page. Please follow our FB updates or sign up to our mailing list. We just launched a fundraising campaign via indiegogo. You can view that here:


4.14.12: Shiiiiiiit. I can't believe I've neglected this for so long. I've gotten into the habit of updating the label's Facebook page instead of this. My new record (under the moniker Dreamend) came out in late Feb in case you missed it. You can check a video for the second 'single' here. Coming next is the Graveface Charity Singles Series. A bunch of amazing artists are contributing unreleased tunes for charity. Check out the lineup here. That will be going live very very soon. Our next release date is May 22nd and features the s/t debut record from Lava Children and the debut release by Whirr called 'Distressor'. Both are CD/LP/Digital and have a few color variants. Pre-orders for these titles will go live pretty soon. Get into it! Thanks for your continued support.


12.23.11: Hello! Just a quick note that from today until next Thursday, the Graveface Gift Shop will be closed. You can still place orders but they will not ship until Friday the 30th. Thanks so much for your support and have a wonderful week!


12.20.11: Greetings! We're finally going forward with the William Schaff art book we've been talking about for years. To guarantee yourself a copy, please consider pledging to our Kickstarter for it. The Kickstarter is already funded but we might not make many more copies than that. As a reminder, the book comes with a 10" of new music from Jason Molina and we're giving 10% of all money made through the Kickstarter to Jason Molina to assist him with current medical bills. Go here if this all sounds good to you. Thank you so much for your support in 2011! It means the world to us. Our first release in 2012 will be the new Dreamend album, 'And the Tears Washed Me, Wave After Cowardly Wave' - in stores on Feb 28th. Happy Holidays if you swing that way!


10.17.11: Hello! A few days ago 4 new Graveface LPs 'dropped'. We encourage you to check them out & pick them up if you dig what you hear. To read more about them, please click here. Also, Halloween is a-comin'. I hope you've figured out your plans and that you have a blast in whatever you do. I'm not lying when I say Marshmallow Ghosts only really exist to listen to whilst trick or treating at age 30. Nothing to be ashamed of if you are in a costume! Take good care.


9.2.11: So it's that time again where I type some words and say some stuff. Summer is ending (not in Savannah) and kids are going to back to school. This time of the year really freaks me out. Um. Yeah. Anyways, the Graveface Gift Shop will be closed from midnight tonight till Sept 28th. I know! Quite a long time. As some of you know I play in an outfit called Black Moth Super Rainbow. We will be touring during that time period with labelmates, The Marshmallow Ghosts. I might be joining them on stage as well so WATCH out. Check out the dates on the Tours page above. As per usual, you can order off the site whilst I'm away but just understand the items will not ship till the end of Sept. In other news, you can view the trailer for the first Graveface Films feature here. The full title is The Marshmallow Ghosts present Corpse Reviver No. 2. Phew! We're quite thrilled with how it turned out and hope you enjoy it as well. If you like Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, you'll love it. That and the 3 other Oct 11th releases will be going up for pre-order soon. Check out the New Releases page above for info on all of those. We recently 'released' the first single off the new TW Walsh record. You can dig on that here. More samples of everything coming soon. Also, we'll be doing ticket giveaways on the Graveface Facebook for each show that we have a spot or two left on the guest list during the aforementioned tour. Take care, good luck out there and please be kind to each other. See you on the road.


8.1.11: Greetz! So sorry I've been neglectful to those who are kind enough to keep track of the ever evolving world o' Graveface. July was nutty what with show playing, health issues, moving into my first storefront and the beginning of my first ever feature film. Production continues for that tomorrow and we should be wrapped by the end of Sunday hopefully. If you're interested in the Marshmallow Ghosts movie, a not-so-hip Facebook page was just created to keep track of the creation of the film. You can follow that here. Speaking of the Ghosts, it was just announced they'll be opening for Black Moth Super Rainbow in Sept. And as for double Graveface bills, Hospital Ships will be opening for the Appleseed Cast for their tour this month. Nothing but love over here. Stay sexy.


6.29.11: Howdy. The Graveface Gift Shop will be closed from tonight until the 11th of July. You can still place orders but they will not ship until the 11th. Also, manufacturing will begin on new albums from TW Walsh, The Marshmallow Ghosts & DREAMEND in the next 2 weeks or so. If you wanted to get in on the Record Club only color for any of these, you have 2 weeks to join before it's too late. Thanks for your support!


6.21.11: Greetings! Today marks the retail release of The Nighty Nite's debut EP, 'Dimples', featuring John Congleton of the paper chase. Also in indie shops today you'll find the re-release of Blue Water White Death's self titled full length and DREAMEND's last album, 'So I Ate Myself, Bite by Bite'. Go convince your local shop to carry them please! Thanks a ton for your support.


5.10.11: Good day to you. The Deluxe Reissue of Dandelion Gum by Black Moth Super Rainbow is now available for purchase in the Graveface Gift Shop. You can choose between picture disc, cd, cassette or all three at a discounted rate. These are shipping now. On the topic of shipping, the manufacturer has informed me that the remaining copies of the Appleseed Cast vinyl will be in my hands next week. The moment I receive the LPs, I'll be shipping them out to those who are waiting. Thanks for your patience. You'll still get them before the June 7th streetdate but not by as much I would've liked. Thank you for your continued support.


4.27.11: Hello folks. Thought I'd provide you with a few updates regarding manufacturing. The Appleseed Cast cds will be arriving tomorrow so they'll begin to ship on Tuesday of next week. The vinyl will not be here till the second or third week of May. They'll go out the second I receive them. Anything ordered after midnight tonight will not be shipped until next Tuesday as I'll be in Austin playing the Psych Fest with BMSR. If you're around, I recommend going! Pre-orders for the BMSR DG reissue, the Hospital Ships & Loose Salute will begin sometime in the first 2 weeks of May as well. Also, since my back catalogue is STILL being held hostage by my horrible former distribution company, I've decided to repress a few things. One is the latest Dreamend CD which is up in the shop now. The other is the pop-up book vinyl from 2008 by Dreamend. That should be ready in June for purchase. It'll be nice to have a few things back in stock. On the Dreamend front, you can check out William Schaff's progress creating the next animated picture disc here. What else? We've announced something happening in 2012 - check it out here. Very excited about that. If you want to get in on the Graveface Record Club for The Nighty Nite debut, there are 4 spots left. Visit here for more info on this. That's enough rambling for one afternoon. I really appreciate your continued support.


4.19.11: Howdy. So it seems Record Store Day in all its glory has backed up my vinyl manufacturer quite a bit. As a result I will not be receiving the Appleseed Cast vinyl for a few more weeks. Yikes! On the other hand, I should be getting the cd version in a week so I'll ship those out immediately to those who ordered just the cd version. Sorry about that. Can't wait to see them myself! I did however put a small rush order in for a few copies of the LP so the band can have them on their upcoming tour. So there's that. Please let me know how they look/sound as those lucky enough to grab em will have a one up on me. In other news, we finally have the second pressing of the last DREAMEND album, So I Ate Myself, Bite by Bite, here so those are shipping now. They have been out of print since Oct I believe so order away if you're desiring such a thing. What else? Our June release schedule is finally 100% finished. June 7th sees the following releases: Black Moth Super Rainbow Dandelion Gum Deluxe Reissue on CD/Picture Disc/Cassette, The Loose Salute Getting Over Being Under on CD/LP, Hospital Ships Lonely Twin on CD/LP & The Appleseed Cast's Middle States CDEP/LP. June 21st is the date set for the debut from John Congleton's new, and fucking unbelievably great, project called The Nighty Nite. We'll be releasing Dimples as a CDEP/LP. There are still 8 spots left in the Graveface Record Club for your membership to begin with this new release. The spots are all taken for the June 7th releases (except for the BMSR reissue). Lastly, please check out the page for my new record shop that I'm opening out of the Graveface HQs. This should be open in 4-6 weeks and will be stocked full of goodies. There will be an RSVP only opening party at the space featuring DREAMEND/Lady Lazarus and a few others to be announced. Dig it. Thanks for your time and support!


3.20.11: Greetings! A couple quick notes. Just wanted to say thanks to all those who came out for our SXSW shows including the bands themselves. It was a fucking blast and I instantly regret saying I'm never doing another showcase there. We'll see. On a less positive note, I had to leave SXSW early due to a death in the family. As a result I will not be shipping anything till I get home. Hopefully that'll be in the next 7 days or so but I'm not really sure just yet. Really sorry for the delay but this was totally unexpected. The black cloud rolls on. Keep in mind that regardless of where I am I'll be putting the new Appleseed Cast EP up for pre-order on March 28th/29th. Please be safe out there and take care of each other.


3.12.11: Hello folks. Just wanted to let potential customers know I will not be shipping anything till Monday the 21st as Graveface will be heading out to SXSW. You can still place orders though if you feel so inclined. There are 2 official Graveface showcases which you can view on the tours page. Contrary to what some people think, anyone can get into an official SXSW show. It'll probably cost $7-10 so stop on by without fear. It'll be a blast! Hope to see some of you next week. Graveface out.


3.7.11: People of earth, how are you? Details of the new Appleseed Cast EP, Middle States, are starting to come out bit by bit. Below is the cover art for the release. Also, it's now known we'll go live with a pre-order on March 29th for the LP & CD and you'll receive an instant download whilst you wait for them to ship. The Cast will be touring quite a bit so check out the tours page if you're interested. Also, we've got a slew of Graveface SXSW happenings that are up on the tours page as well. Peace and Love.

3.1.11: Greetings. Just wanted to let any interested parties know that we're down to a handful of spots left for the first three parts of the constantly revolving record club (appleseed cast, hospital ships & loose salute). So if you want the exclusive colors for those releases, sign up today! In other news, here's an mp3 sampler of 13 upcoming Graveface releases. This is a world premiere for 90% of this stuff. A video for the same thing can be found below. Thanks for your support!


2.20.11: Yo yo! You may have read (if you're signed up to our mailing list) that we have a new thing in place, the Graveface Record Club. In short, you get the next 10 records plus a ton of goodies (exclusive vinyl color, hand-numbered copies, pre-order goods, exclusive cdr, exclusive Graveface shirt, membership card etc etc) for $100. To read my ramblings and to purchase such a thing, click here. Thanks a ton for your support! I'm going to leave you today with this: after like 40 years of being a band, we finally have our first Dreamend music video. It's a little bit fun and a lot of stupid:



2.10.11: Just a heads up that I have returned safely to Savannah from an insanely snowy Chicago and am shipping orders again as usual. Thanks for your patience. Also, if anyone from Savannah or the surrounding area wants to pick up the records they've ordered from my office, just shoot me an email to schedule a time. It'll save you a couple bucks on shipping. Lastly, the albums that are listed as 'temporarily out of stock' in our shop are not out of print. I've gotten quite a few emails regarding this so I thought I'd address it here. Following the flood we had last summer that you may have read about, our former distributor (our office was in their basement from 06-10) chose to hold my unassembled and assembled stock hostage and still is 7 months later. I have hired a lawyer and am trying to get my property back but it's taking longer than I ever could have guessed considering we used to be friends. Lesson learned kids? Trust no one - especially those you are closest to. That being said you'll hopefully be able to get that stuff from me again very soon. Thanks for your continued support! Big announcements are a comin'.


1.26.11: Greetings! Just wanted to let customers know if you place an order order after 11:59pm tonight, it will not be shipped until Feb 9th. I'm making my monthly trek back up to Chicago! Get in touch if anything interesting is happening up there while I'm back. Also, I've created a 1990s style forum for the label. Sign up here. Lastly, our SXSW showcase has been announced. Check the tours page for info. Thanks a ton for your support!


1.08.11: Happy New Year all. Just wanted to let everyone know the store is back up and running and all orders placed in the past 2 weeks have been mailed out. Our exciting 2011 news will start rolling in here shortly and there's a ton of good stuff. Thanks for reading!


12.20.10: Just a quick note to let you know that orders placed after midnight EST tonight will not be processed till Jan 3rd. The store will remain open though. I'm headed north for the holidays tomorrow. Thank you guys for making 2010 an incredible year in many ways. Happy Holidays.


12.17.10: Ahem. Drum roll please... After 5 years 3 months 2 days and 6 hours of having the same exact site design, I introduce you to the new  Take a moment to become familiar with her as she's a beaut.  This was lovingly designed, created and manhandled by the foxy Dylan McConnell over at Tiny Little Hammers.  Go support the man and check out his awesome label.  You'll find this to be a more pleasant experience methinks.  There are a few additions as well as some subtractions.  Most notably, the catalog/shop is really clean and logical finally.  At the bottom of the shop you'll find a link to some additional merch I found in the move down here.  This stuff is incredibly limited FYI.  Please get in touch if anything looks wonky, links don't work, you really hate/love it etc.  Thanks a ton for your continued support and have a wonderful holiday.  p.s. Supposedly the Seven Fields repress is on a FedEx truck headed to me as I type.  We'll see if this is true or not. 


12.10.10: Just a quick update to let you folks know the Appleseed Cast repress will be in my hands on Weds according to Fed Ex and that the Seven Fields repress will be shipped by the manufacturer to me on Monday. Phew! In order to get these pre-orders out to you in time for Xmas, I'll upgrade shipping for free. I just hope these show up to me on time. Thanks for your support and expect an update next week!


11.26.10: Happy holidays folks. Most of you are probably in line at Hills or Lion Store or perhaps eating a fine lunch at Chi Chi's Mexican Grill. Either way, we have some new old new records for sale in our poorly designed shop. The main 3 would not have been possible without your kind donations and I want to say, thanks. The flood and the fallout really showed me how many warm-hearted folks there are out there after dealing with some horrible people I thought were amazing. The main 3 are The Appleseed Cast's 'Two Conversations', The Seven Fields of Aphelion's 'Periphery' and Dreamend's 'Maybe We're Making God Sad and Lonely' - all on newly colored vinyl. The second pressing color choices are respectively: GRAVE035 - ultra clear with tons of white, black & yellow splatter, GRAVE047 - highlighter yellow in ultra clear (color in color) & GRAVE014 - blue/orange AsideBside which looks rather peach like. These are available by clicking on catalogue above individually, or you can buy them as a triple pack for fairly cheap. Regardless, for Black Friday and beyond I've lowered the prices on them by at least $2. In addition to those 3, we have both double LPs from Daturah in stock. We have 9 copies of self titled and 10 copies of Reverie. I would gamble those would go quickly. I'll be back in Savannah and hopefully shipping all of these the 6th of December. I don't have the Seven Fields or ASC in my hands yet so the triple pack and those two might not ship until the 10th or so depending. I'll keep this updated with as much info as I receive myself. Thanks a ton for your support and please be safe out there. People are nuts.


11.22.10: Welcome to Thanks for stopping. Someday I hope to have a sexier site. Orders placed after tonight will not be shipped until Dec 6th as I'm leaving for the holidays. There will be a Black Friday sale though which I'll put up after I consume a great deal on Thursday. Actually, I'll consume very little. Anyways, I hope you all have a lovely week and stay safe. If anyone will be in Chicago on Dec 3rd, consider attending the Terror in the Aisles at the Portage Theatre. We'll be there, so come say hi. Also, if anyone wants to come to Savannah and be in a very strange short film, please get in touch. We need bodies and we'll be filming from Dec 5th-10th. Peace.


10.25.10: Yo! Just wanted to give a shout out to the awesome stores who've "taken a chance" on the new Blue Water White Death album. By the reviews I've been reading, it's a "difficult" album to listen to. What does that say about me that I just flat out love the record? At any rate, these generous independent record stores are carrying them now so please go support them supporting us. Thanks! AKA Music, Amoeba LA, Amoeba SF, Amoeba Berkeley, CD Central, Criminal, Everyday Music, Exclusive Company, Grimey's, Kim's Video, Lunchbox, M Theory, Magnolia, Melody Records, Newbury Comics, Other Music, Princeton Record Exchange, Rainy Day Records, Repo, Record Theater, Slowtrain, Sonic Boom, Soundgarden, Streelight, Vintage Vinyl, Waterloo, Wax N Facts & Wax Trax.


10.23.10: Just a quick note. We will not be shipping anything from now until the 29th of Oct. You can order from the shop like normal though but it'll take 6 days to go out. All pre-orders for our autumn releases have shipped so expect them soon. Thanks a ton for your support!!


10.19.10: The Blue Water White Death vinyl is STILL NOT HERE! I thought placing an order in late July would cover me but I guess not. UPS tracking shows a 22nd delivery so these pre-orders will all go out Sat, Mon and Tues assuming there are no more delays. Thanks!




10.15.10: Well folks, this wild and wacky ride is almost over. We're in the last 24 hours or so to donate to the great flood of '10 raffle donation. Of course my journey is hardly over as things seem fairly hopeless still (more on that in a few months). I did want to say however, that the amount of nice emails I received and people donating when they are also hurting and so forth have really changed my attitude quite a bit on things. Graveface will remain for years to come and I wouldn't be saying that necessarily if folks were not so kind. Thanks a ton. Seriously. Wiff Wuv.


10.05.10: Happy Halloween! I know it sounds premature, but I celebrate the entire month so you should too. First things first: thanks to all that came out to the Dreamend/Tobacco shows for the past month. They were a lot of fun to play and we met some rad folk. Up today on our site are the Autumn releases. Blue Water White Death's self titled debut LP/CD/Digital & the new glow in the dark 7" by The Marshmallow Ghosts. You can buy these together for a cheaper amount if you so desire by clicking on the catalogue page. They come with instant mp3 downloads as well whilst you wait for your shipment to arrive. The only delay is going to be the BWWD vinyl which we'll be shipping on/around the 19th. Everything else is shipping immediately. There are also some fun first 50 customer deals on that page. You'll see what I mean. In other exciting news, the donation based raffle officially ends on the 16th of this month! So you have 11 days left to donate away. Again I want to express my sincere thanks to those that have participated. It means the fucking world to me. YOU ARE AMAZING! And not to confuse everyone entirely but before all this flood shit went down there was another raffle being held and still is (see the June news below). For each item you order off you get a raffle ticket and then at the end of the time period I draw a couple numbers and send random silly prizes. This was supposed to go down on Aug 31st but because of the horrible flood + me being away on tour I postponed this until mid-Nov. It'll be doubly cool so don't fret. Customers will still receive these raffle tickets until the drawing in Nov so stay tuned for that. And last but not least, if you're free this weekend you should really attend the Music Box Massacre. And I'm not just saying that because Graveface will have a booth and The Marshmallow Ghosts will be performing. Take good care out there. And to the street-team, it's go time. I'll be in touch. If you're interested in joining, hit me up. Peace.


09.07.10: Hi all! Just wanted to let you know I'll be on tour with Dreamend/Tobacco for the next month. I will be hitting Chicago every week for a few hours though to fill orders so please be patient with me. If you live near any of the tour dates, come on down and say hello! Thanks for the support.


08.19.10: You may have seen the Pitchfork exclusive on our donation raffle here. Either way, you can read about it in great detail and donate to Graveface on the donation page here. I really appreciate your support during this sweet american financial crisis. I love you madly.


08.08.10: Hello all. Just wanted to let everyone know their Dreamend pre-orders have shipped. Most have gotten delivery confirmations except for non-US orders. And if you're offended easily or grossed out by blood, you might not want to even look at the serial killers page if you received one. Thanks again for your support. Now that those have gone out, I'll be focusing on finalizing this donation based raffle in hopes to get back just a tad of what we lost 2 weeks ago in the flooding. It's been a pretty fucking depressing two weeks but it's really nice to know some people don't want us to go under. Have a lovely weekend.

07.21.10: Yo! Head on over here to pre-order the new Dreamend album. Or click here for the newsletter from today. Or click here to sign up for future newsletters. Or go eat some Cupcake Pebbles.


07.10.10: Greetings. It's been awesomely hot so far this month and I couldn't be happier. A perfect way to enjoy the steamy summer would be to pick up a copy of the new Hospital Ships 7 inch, kick back and relax. As long as you don't live in 200 sq ft like me that is. It's for sale on the catalogue page currently and is shipping next week. If anyone will be attending the Pitchfork Festival next weekend, please stop by the Graveface Records booth and kick me in the nards. Or say hi. Whichever you prefer is fine. You'll be able to pick up a copy of this new 7 inch as well as the new Dreamend album which doesn't even come out till August! Seriously though, come entertain me. Standing there watching people that are cooler than I could ever dream of being can be oddly depressing. See you then hopefully and thanks for your support!


06.09.10: Hello and welcome to the very first Graveface Records raffle ticket drawing. There will be three winners chosen. If your number is selected, please mail off your ticket to the po box for verification. Please include your email and mailing address. Once that's processed, I'll get the prizes out to you all. The next raffle drawing will be on Aug 31st. Every customer between now and then will receive a ticket. OK! Here we go. Drum machine please....................first number.........7546022! Second number......................7546258! Last number.....................7546165!!! Thanks for your orders and get in touch if you're a winner! By the way, there's a new song uploaded to the voicemail service for those interested. Please leave us fucked up messages! I'm amazed by how few people do this. Sometimes I call it myself and weep.


04.24.10: GREETZ! I'm finally back after many shows in 2010. The store is open again and things are shipping as of today. The good news is there's a new fun mail-order thang. Anyone that placed/places an order from April 8th (yes, the past) to June 8th will be entered into the first Graveface raffle competition. Each order comes with one raffle ticket. Please save this as on June 9th, in this space I'll announce the winning number. If your number is drawn, email me and we'll go from there. I haven't decided if there will be one winner of the 3 awesome things, or 3 winners. Tough call. Regardless, check this space at that point. I also haven't decided whether or not to announce the prizes in advance. Once again, tough call. I can tell you this much, one of the items is highly desired by collectors, one is delicious and the other is retarded. The delicious one is the best idea I've ever had. Other than that, please go see our bands on tour this summer. Current dates are on the tour page. Thanks again to those that came out to the Dreamend/Appleseed tour. I met some amazingly nice people that have been buying off this site for some time and it's wonderful to put faces with names. NOLA here I come!


04.06.10: Yoi! Just when it's finally nice in Chicago, I'm off for tour again. Please check out The Appleseed Cast/Dreamend tour which is hitting the east coast starting Thurs in Memphis. That being said, the Graveface online store will be "closed" until I get back on the 23rd. You can still order but please note, your records will not ship until the 23rd. On a different topic, today marks the release of 2 Graveface albums. One is the new record from Monster Movie called 'Everyone is a Ghost'. It's incredibly lovely and I'm not just saying that because I play all over the record. Please pick up a copy from us or your local store. The other is the vinyl for BMSR's 'Eating Us'. It's pretty slick looking/sounding. Thanks so much for your support and I'll hopefully be seeing some of you soon!


03.22.10: Hi folks. Just a quick note that the BMSR Single LP version of Eating Us is up for order and shipping immediately. This we're calling the 'audiophile' version. It comes with stellar foil packaging, audiophile sleeve, 180 gram black lp, and bonus track only available on the LP (both versions). Now, don't be too confused but there is also a Double LP version of this for Record Store Day. BMSR and Graveface will each get 100 copies to sell on our sites after RSD is over so if you cannot get to a participating store, fret not. The audiophile version is staying in print, the 2XLP is a limited one shot deal of 1000 copies. It differs in that the records are insane orange transparent vinyl with bizarre/awesome silver foil screenprinting on sides b and d. Cornfused? Also up for order now is the amazing new record from Monster Movie called 'Everyone is a Ghost'. It's available on CD and colored LP. Both of these new releases will start shipping this week and will come with all sorts of goodies. Also, if you ordered anything in the past 3 weeks, those will start shipping tomorrow. I just returned home from the Appleseed Cast tour. Thanks to those that came out! Dreamend received many 'tweets' saying we were atrocious so I thank you for that. Cheers all!!


02.20.10: Thanks to everyone who has ordered all the pre-order goodness lately. Just a quick note to let you all know I'll be on tour for those Appleseed Cast/Dreamend shows until March 22nd. That means mail-order will be on hold till then. Feel free to continue ordering though and everything will be shipped the week of my arrival home. If you come out to one of those shows, please stop by and say hi. Thanks a ton for your continued support.


01.30.10: Just wanted to say thanks to those that have pre-ordered the new albums. Your support means a great deal to us. A few more copies of the Seven Fields pre-order and a few dozen copies of the Appleseed hand-numbered copies are available still. In regards to our voicemail service (951.262.3506), a voicemail today has inspired me to request a different type of voicemail for the next month or so. Please leave us deep dark secrets you have. Things you're ashamed of. That sort of thing. Please be sincere but don't leave your name or anything (obviously). Pagan reconciliation!! Or not. Peace!


01.28.10: Happy circus week! I just put the debut from The Seven Fields of Aphelion and the Low Level Owl LPs up for pre-order in the store (catalogue page). Go there to read about them in detail. Thanks a ton!!