By joining the RC you'll get the next 10 consecutive LP releases. Shipping, goodies, exclusive colored vinyl w/ hand-numbered packaging etc are all included.  It is limited to 333 people. The exclusive colors for the RC LP versions will not be available in stores or on my site outside of the membership.  Also, for each vinyl I get at least 5 test presses made.  3 of those per release will go to random subscribers.  Please make sure your address is correct during the ordering process.  Also, if you ever need to change your address, make sure you get in touch ASAP to let us know before we mail a bunch of stuff out.  We cannot be held responsible for packages sent to an address you don't live at. Additionally, all subscribers will receive an exclusive Graveface Record Club tee shirt so please list your size upon ordering. Usually shipments will be made in bundles so you're looking at 4-5 shipments during your 10 run depending on how we group them. Here's what's available now and what's coming up. In addition to the below, we have a small amount of archival copies left of some older RC titles. We'll email you upon signing up to see if you'd like some. Lastly, there's a VIP option available for those who want to add the retail color as well as other formats made (if we make a CD or tape for a release, for example).


GRAVE115 The Appleseed Cast 'Peregrine' 2XLP (vinyl hand-poured by Daniel Huffman + Stoughton packaging + new art) out now

GRAVE125 Monster Movie 'Transistor' Expanded LP coming soon

GRAVE117 Blind Mr Jones 2XLP + 7" out August 2016

GRAVE120 The Stargazer Lilies 'Door to the Sun' LP/CD/Tape out June 3rd

GRAVE126 Casket Girls 'The Night Machines' LP/CD/Tape out June 3rd

GRAVE124 Night School 'Blush' LP/Tape out June 17th

GRAVE127 Monster Movie 'Keep the Voices Distant' out August 2016



Stardeath and White Dwarfs

TW Walsh new LP (Oct 2016)

TW Walsh Blue Laws LP (Nov 2016)

Serengeti 'Doctor my own Patience' (Oct 2016)

Dreamend's new full length

Dott LP2

V/A Jason Molina tribute LP coming ??
Experimental Aircraft LP/CD

Monster Movie EP1, LP1, LP2 vinyl issues
Black Moth Super Rainbow 'Falling through a Field' & 'Start a People' LP coming ??

Xiu Xiu LP reissues (Nov 2016)

So in summation:

• subscription package for next 10 Graveface vinyl releases, limited to 333
• can join at any time, and you'll receive the next 10 vinyl releases (also will be offered "leftover" Record Club releases from the past)
• you will receive releases on an exclusively colored vinyl made for clubbers only + hand-numbered packaging
◦ 3 vinyl test presses per release will go to random subscribers
◦ exclusive graveface subscriber t-shirt

◦ discounts on various GF related goodies throughout the sub

◦ VIP option available to receive retail color plus CDs/tapes (when manufactured)


Thanks so much for your support!



prices include shipping