hundred handsLed by Aaron Pillar and Christopher Crisci (founding members of The Appleseed Cast), HUNDRED HANDS pilots the listener through a complex journey of exquisite musical landscapes, glimmering melodies and warm, pulsing, beautiful instrumentation. But this time it's Aaron who takes center stage on vocals. LITTLE EYES, Hundred Hands's first release, pulls at the right parts at all the right times - the texture, the feel, the sound of everything - creating a surrounding that is abundant in introspection and sonic inspiration. LITTLE EYES is flawlessly executed. With producer Ed Rose on drums / percussion, this trio of post-hardcore heroes can do no wrong. 2005 marks the long awaited return of the band. After 4 years of wait the new release (and very first full length) saw the light of the sun. HER ACCENT WAS EXCELLENT is filled with emo anthems, touching lyrics, dreamy melodies and some instrumental jewels. Legends never die.





GRAVE017 : Her Accent Was Excellent CD


Audio - Waiting In Denver, 4:05 am