kid dakota

Kid Dakota, aka Darren Jackson, has been writing killer indie rock songs for years. In a time where authenticity is just another mask songwriters don to achieve success in the marketplace, Jackson crafts lyrics and melodies that stand on the quality of their content, not on the cult of personality. This is not “the next big thing,” this is really good songwriting, from a man who knows what he is doing.


Recently, Jackson, a long time resident of Minnesota, moved back to the remote rural town in South Dakota where he grew up. Much of the album was recorded in Minneapolis before the move, but the spirit that took him back to his hometown infuses the deeply personal content of this collection.

Kid Dakota’s past work has been associated with a certain nihilism. This album represents both a musical and thematic departure. There are still the dark themes of alienation, addiction, and lost love, but there is a levity present that holds its own against the darkness. The narrator of many of the songs, like the crow on the cover of the album, is badly, perhaps even mortally wounded, but is not hopeless. The final song, Fiber Optic Failure, reminds us that amidst all the sadness, the hurt, and the loss, we are connected by a wire that is too strong to fail.


GRAVE055 : Listen to the Crows as they take Flight CD / LP / Digital

GRAVE038 : A Winner's Shadow CD / LP