New Releases  Bands  Shop  Specials  Tours  Contact  News  Links  Ordering FAQ      SPIRES THAT IN THE SUNSET RISEN/E PA based the Stargazer Lilies are the brainchild of husband and wife team, John Cep and Kim Field, pioneers of shoegaze’s new wave with former band Soundpool. The Stargazer Lilies is the evolution of their gaze, this time with added psych rock elements (think MBV meets Pink Floyd). Cep’s heavy effects-driven guitars are accented by LA based drummer, Tammy Hirata’s minimalist approach, along with Field’sdreamy vocals and drony bass lines. Following their debut album We Are The Dreamers in 2013,their sound was described in Spin Magazine as a “reverb-washed slo-mo assault of Slowdive with the sparkling ambience of Air channeled into a lush, guitar-swollen whole.  Psych-fuzz epic.” Pop Matters says, “The Stargazer Lilies possess a truly widescreen, cinematic sound with crescendoes that build cascading waves of sound enveloping your whole body.  The music is a bit darker than standard dream pop fare, but that only makes it that much more mesmerizing.”  Brad Laner of Medicine describes them like this: “This is what your so-called shoegaze is supposed to sound like. Incredible melodies and singing plus great guitar work.”

Door To The Sun, their second full-length, is set to be released in June 3, 2016 on Graveface Records.


GRAVE120 : Door to the Sun CD/LP/Tape/Digital

GRAVE096 : We are the Dreamers CD/LP/Digital

Video: Summer's Gone

Audio: We are the Dreamers