tomanOne year after catching a grizzly bear, lesson one (2005, Zealrecords), Tomàn is back with their second full length, perhaps we should have smoked the salmon first . You can expect minutes of instrumental trips à la Mogwai, timid popsongs as patented by Pinback and postrock like the Album Leaf; however, their music sounds warmer and more beautiful than their idols. They describe their new album as “repetition, sparse electronics, choirs, melancholy, warm guitars, and flemish blokes having fun.”

The guys have played the Belgian and Dutch indie clubs and some nice festivals (Dour, Motel Mozaique...) as well as supporting bands like Karate, Death Cab for Cutie, The Album Leaf, Logh, B Fleischmann, The New Year, 65daysofstatic, The Berg Sans Nipple and more.



GRAVE086 : Postrockhits Vol II

GRAVE044 : Where Wolves Wear Wolf Wear LP 

GRAVE022 : Perhaps We Should Have Smoked The Salmon First CD