william schaffWilliam J. Schaff Jr. (born February 6, 1973) is a Providence, Rhode Island-based artist and musician, who has created the detailed art for all of the Jagjaguwar releases of Okkervil River and artwork for other music albums, including for the bands Songs: Ohia and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Much of Schaff's art addresses the Holocaust. His work also explores the tensions of urban life, as well as consequences of, and responses to, terrorism. Schaff's pieces include paintings, drawings, collages, scratchboards, mail art, motion pictures, and comics. Schaff is known for his cover art on releases from recording artists Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Kid Dakota, Okkervil River, and Songs: Ohia.


A graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, Schaff has exhibited and lectured at the United States Air Force Academy, the Rhode Island School of Design, Amherst College, and East Carolina University. An example of William Schaff's artwork for music albums is the cover art for album Magnolia Electric Co. recorded by the band Songs: Ohia and released on March 4, 2003; the music received universal critical acclaim according to Metacritic (with a composite rating of 85, ranking 24th among best albums of 2003).


grave050: "From Black Sheep Boys to Bill Collectors" 12 inch book coming in 2011 w/ a 10 inch by Jason Molina